måndag 3 december 2012

Min intervention

Jag är tillbaka i Sverige med en stor brist på sömn. Medan jag samlar mina tankar om den gångna veckan, lägger jag upp mitt tal som jag höll på förhandlingarna om Artikel 6 i lördags. Enjoy! :) 


"My name is Cecilia and I’m speaking on behalf of YOUNGO, the youth constituency. I’m not only a youth, but also a girl guide and a climate scientist. I wouldn’t be here today, as part of the solution to tackling climate change, without both non-formal and formal education.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of the Article 6 negotiations. Youth participation in these negotiations is essential, you are negotiating our We would like thank the parties that have engaged with us during the last few days, in working together we can create a stronger and more resilient Article 6. A young person, a young woman even, equipped with the right skills has the power to protect their family, their futures and their livelihoods from the reality of a changing climate. Article 6 takes us a step closer to creating a society who knows what to expect and how to cope, with an understanding of the impact of their behaviors.

We ask all parties here today to cooperate and work together to finalize the Doha work program that you are proud of. Article 6 will not achieve this aim without mechanisms to ensure accountability and transparency in the text. National focal points create a vehicle to ensure Article 6’s implementation.  By including the provision of sufficient reporting on their actions it will allow us to a have a clear picture of what is going on, showing opportunities for us to fill the gaps.

In 2011 39 million 558 hundred thousand children were born. If we use these figures this suggests that 1 billion 116 million 464 hundred thousand children will be born during the 8 year Doha work program. In the interest of safeguarding the futures of these children we must make progress today. There is no other option.

Right now I’m afraid the jury is still out on whether you will get an A in Article 6. For the time being we will be giving you a B for good behavior. Today, yes today, when the work program is finalized the real work begins. We need you to believe in Article 6. Whilst you are out here in Doha, speak to your colleagues, engage with them and begin establishing how what you have decided here today is going to look like on the ground. You are not only accountable to the youth here at the UNFCCC but to everyone at home in your own countries. We entrust you with the responsibility to get this done, please be part of the solution. We will be there working alongside with you."

Written together with Bronwyn Hughes, Harriet Thew and Camilla Born

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